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In the news lately, Kirk Cameron has proven himself to be a homophobic douchebag.

I ended up blocking two girls on twitter who still thought he was a respectable human being.

I knew that they were church going Christians, and they seemed nice enough in terms of fandom-but some else called them on this nonsense, only to have the one blow it off. The other said the homophobia is just as labeling as gay was.

No. No. No.

The difference is that one of these things is a sign of natural causes, and the other makes you look like an ignorant bigot. And I'm sure they're not the ones you think they are, sweetheart.

It might so easy for you guys to blow off, but as someone whose life is directly affected by homophobia, it's not ok. If you bitches can't learn empathy-not pity, and most definitely NOT a need to save-anyone outside your Jesus circle, then I shall BLOCK away. You respect, not *tolerate* (fucking hate that word, it's basically code for "I can still be a bigot if I can my mouth shut"-THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ACCEPTABLE BIGOTRY, silent or otherwise) that I am what I am, which you two were fully aware when you read my profile.

And my mother wonders why I don't communicate? Sorry that I've never found a lot people worthy of trust, Mom.
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So after hearing how LJ is going to move away from it's "blogging" format- I decided to make a dreamwidth. I had another account under a different name a long time ago, but there are memories that I'd rather put to rest.

But I'm not a bot or a creep or anything. Just so you know.

I still have set up my journal theme don't I?


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